Tired of “Callbacks and Curtain Calls” After Lights Out? Try Bedtime Tickets!

Bedtime tickets are a quick and easy way to manage those “callbacks and curtain calls” that all kids like to make after the bedtime routine is over. Bedtime tickets are small cards good for one or two more callbacks or curtain calls.

Callbacks are the requests your children make when they call you back to their room after the bedtime routine is over for “just one more thing.”  They might want one more story or one more water refill or one more escorted trip to the bathroom. These are not a problem, of course, unless there are waaaay too many!

Curtain calls refer to the trips your children make out of their room to find you again when you were sure they were finally asleep.

You can make simple bedtime tickets by taking 3×5 cards and decorating them with your child during the day.

Be sure your bedtime routine addresses all of the usual things your children need (final bathroom trip, cup of water on the bedside table, lovey found and tucked in, some reading time to wind down and a final hug and kiss). Then, when the bedtime routine is over, give your child two tickets along with a reminder that a ticket will be needed for any more requests after lights out.

If your child calls you back to the bedroom or makes a curtain call out of the room to find you, ask for a ticket and quickly grant the request. (These requests should be ones that only take a minute or two. I worked with one family whose child brilliantly used his ticket to order a pizza!)  The tickets expire in ten minutes and unused ones can be traded for a small reward in the morning.

If your child calls to you after the tickets are gone (or have expired), just call softly back to him or her with a reminder to play with his or her lovey in bed until drowsy enough to fall asleep. If your child makes another curtain call, just walk him or her quickly back to bed as silently as possible and, again, remind him or her to play quietly in bed until sleepy. Let your child know that you’ll have lots of fun in the morning but that now….it’s time to sleep!  ZZZzzzzzz


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