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I’m excited to report that I have a book coming out on September 3, 2019 and it is now available for pre-order at this link:

I wrote this book because parents of babies and toddlers have a myriad of books to help them improve their child’s sleep, but parents of preschool or school-aged children may be suffering in silence since most sleep books have a chapter or less on older children. My book is for parents of children ages 3-10.

Parents do want to teach their children to be great sleepers but sometimes they feel unsure about how to achieve this goal without anxiety and tears. They may even have considered seeking help from a doctor or a professional sleep coach but they may be concerned about two things: that this type of help might be too expensive or that it might involve a cry-it-out approach that they are unwilling to try.

Here’s the great news: parents actually make wonderful sleep coaches for their children once they understand the simple reasons sleep difficulties start in the first place, and  learn exactly how to manage these problems.

Countless numbers of parents, with all of the right intentions, make some very common mistakes at bedtime, ones that are almost guaranteed to make their children poor sleepers. Parents make these mistakes out of frustration and, frankly, even out of desperation, but these mistakes result in children who stay awake longer at bedtime and, perhaps even worse, children who are often awake for long periods during the night.

Parents can use my simple 5-Step Plan to help their children fall asleep quickly, easily, and independently (and without any crying-it-out!). They can feel confident about trying this approach because it takes all of the guesswork out of this quest and is based on solid behavioral research and extensive clinical experience.

The 5-step plan shows you how to:
Step 1: Prepare your child’s bedroom for great sleep
Step 2: Use the proven 5B Bedtime Routine every night
Step 3: Teach your child to self-comfort as you work your way out of the room
Step 4: Limit “callbacks and curtain calls” after the bedtime routine is over
Step 5: Manage night wakings and early morning wakings

Become Your Child’s Sleep Coach also contains practical and proven advice on choosing an ideal bedtime, reviewing how many hours of sleep your child really needs, managing the bedtime routine during potty training, dealing with night terrors and other sleep issues, and much more. 

I hope that Become Your Child’s Sleep Coach becomes your guide to better sleep for your children and the whole family!