Personalized Help for Your Child

Personalized Sleep Evaluation and Bedtime Plan 

I’d love to do a personalized sleep evaluation and design a bedtime plan for your child. I meet with you, the parent, to teach you how to help your child become a great sleeper. These meetings are via video call. The consultation visit to develop the plan for your child is $300 and follow ups are $150. Most families only need the consultation and one follow up visit.

I also offer very affordable small group workshops. These “Become Your Child’s Sleep Coach” workshops are offered via Zoom and have three sessions: one to design a plan for your child and two to review your progress, revise the plan as needed, and answer any questions you may have.

These services will help you:

  • determine whether your child might have a medical sleep disorder
  • prepare your child’s bedroom for success
  • design a successful bedtime routine for your child
  • teach your child how to self-comfort (fall asleep independently) after lights out
  • leave your child’s room after lights out without tears or tantrums
  • limit extra requests after lights out with a simple reward system
  • decrease night and/or early morning awakenings
  • help your child learn how to stay in bed all night long

Other issues that can be addressed in your child’s evaluation and plan include:

  • bedtime/nighttime fears
  • parasomnias such as sleepwalking, night terrors or sleep paralysis
  • bed wetting (in children over age 6)

Please contact me at (203) 913-8715 or email me at for more information about how we can make a plan to help your child sleep well.