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Dr. Schneeberg can help you develop a personalized bedtime plan for your child. This can be done in-person if you live near Westport, Connecticut or via video call.

Your child’s sleep evaluation and personalized plan will help you:

  • determine whether your child might have a medical sleep disorder
  • prepare your child’s bedroom for success
  • design a successful bedtime routine for your child
  • teach your child how to self-comfort (fall asleep independently) after lights out
  • leave your child’s room after lights out without tears or tantrums
  • limit extra requests after lights out with a reward system
  • decrease night and/or early morning awakenings
  • help your child stay in bed all night long

Other issues that can be addressed in your child’s evaluation and plan include:

  • bedtime/nighttime fears
  • parasomnias such as sleepwalking, night terrors or sleep paralysis
  • bed wetting (in children over age 6-7 years)


Dr. Lynelle Schneeberg, PsyD

Board-Certified Fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine

Assistant Clinical Professor, Yale School of Medicine, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

(203) 913-8715,, Twitter @DrSchneeberg

I wanted to update you about our son’s progress since we met with you. He has stayed in his room every night since our meeting! When he wakes up to use the bathroom at night, he returns to his own bed on his own. The plan we designed together with you is a 100% success! … Continue reading Susan and Mike

Susan and Mike

Our daughter is sleeping in her own bed all night! And going to sleep on her own! At first we thought maybe it was a fluke, but she still going strong. We are just amazed! She will even get up, come see us for a minute and then go right back to bed when we … Continue reading Carol and Pete

Carol and Pete

It was great meeting you last week! After only one visit, our son is going to bed more easily and we have had several successful nights of him not waking at all (…or at least not waking us!) I wasn’t sure the behavioral plan we developed together would work but I have to admit that … Continue reading Kerri and Dan

Kerri and Dan