The Kid’s Bedtime Doctor

I am a pediatric behavioral sleep psychologist who specializes in childhood sleep issues.

Most websites devoted to childhood sleep focus on young children, most often babies and toddlers, but this website is dedicated to children ages four and up.

There are eight million preschoolers in the United States and a striking 80% of their parents report that their child’s sleep needs improvement.

Two out of every three children ages 10 and under, according to a National Sleep Foundation (NSF) poll, have experienced some type of sleep problem.

Once puberty arrives, teenagers often get the worst sleep of all, since a delayed release of melatonin results in drowsiness occurring much later, usually around 10-11pm.  When this change is combined with heavy homework loads and early high school start times, teenagers can become very sleep-deprived and often struggle with significant daytime sleepiness.

I’ve been treating childhood sleep issues for years and I hope that the tips in my blog posts help you and your loved ones sleep better.

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